Cholson Chalets


Welcome To Charlotteville, Tobago.


You will find a fishing village spectacularly sited on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and at the foot of the majestic Main Ridge mountains – the oldest declared Rainforest reserve in the world – since 1776. This location is a photographer’s heaven.
This little village has been welcoming visitors for lodging since the 1940’s so hospitality is in the bones.
Cholson Chalets is one of the historical homes of the area and if you are lucky enough to engage Pat in conversation she will happily relate stories of history of the Charlotteville where she grew up.
Before long you will become completely familiar with your host village and its villagers.

Take a glimpse and snapshots into village life, fishermen at the bay, just a step away.

The attractions in Charlotteville are predominantly related to the sea and to the rainforest that surrounds the village, and while some might simply prefer soaking up some sun on a beach while enjoying Charlotteville vacations, others will be looking to engage in more active pursuits. Charlotteville Tobago provides an ideal mix of fun and relaxation in the Caribbean, and you’ll want to spend at least a few days here if you can when visiting Tobago.

Some of the best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago can be found near Charlotteville, and if you like snorkeling, the cove at Pirates Bay is a good spot to enter the sea. It’s a bit of an up and down walk just to get to the 165 stairs that lead down to Pirates Cove, so it takes some work to get to. Once you arrive, however, you’ll be glad that you made the journey. The small, sandy beach at Pirates Cove is often devoid of people, and when you’re not checking out the birds and lizards that live here, you can look for parrotfish, angelfish, and other marine life while snorkeling in the bay.

Swimming and snorkeling are great ways to enjoy the water during Charlotteville vacations, and since there are a couple dive operators in town, you can always do some scuba diving as well.

Guided tours and hikes in the rainforest are easy to book in Charlotteville as well as birdwatching.